About Us

Founded in 2010, T-identi-T (www.roundneck.in) is a t-shirt brand which makes T-shirts with premium cotton. We believe that every T-shirt tells a story, reason our designs always come up with a message. Today’s youth wants empowerment. They want the freedom of speech and action and in a literal sense, not just on the papers They are the products of one global village, they are attuned to today’s problems and want sincere efforts now. T-identi-T understands this and is plugged into it. We genuinely want to make a difference and want to harness the youth power to solve the burning issues such as Global warming, Greenhouse gas reduction, discourage drunk driving, Domestic abuse, child abuse, creating public awareness regarding Recycling, Cleaning up of the Ganges, Keeping the city clean by not littering. T-identi-T is using the creative mode of T-shirts as new media to spread its message. One of the many concepts is of “Sane-In-Sane” series, wherein sane focuses on the public benefit through various public awareness campaigns and insane focuses on the message the youth wants to say loud but is held back due to social norms. It has a tool in the form of the new T-identi-T t-shirts to convey this message.

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